Operation T.U.T.O.R.
Teaching Using Technology as an Outside Resource
What is Operation T.U.T.O.R.?

Operation T.U.T.O.R.is Share Your Mind Inc.'s first major project. T.U.T.O.R. stands for Teachers Using Technology as an Outside Resource. This program enables its users to become either students, tutors, or both at no cost .

How does Operation T.U.T.O.R.work?

Operation T.U.T.O.R. is a unique but simple service. Operation T.U.T.O.R. is essentially an online network of both tutors and students who communicate primarily through video conferencing. Imagine having a personal tutor at your disposal throughout the day to help you with your homework, help study for tests, or just learn something new. All of our tutors are volunteers that are willing and ready to help make your studies go as smoothly as possible. Although our tutors are volunteers, they have all been screened for the safety of both our students and our tutors. We have also checked their educational backgrounds to ensure that they will be able to tend to all of your academic needs.
Who can participate in Operation T.U.T.O.R.?

Essentially anyone who has some form of education. All of our tutors are either college students or people who are college educated. Any one who can use the help of a dedicated tutor can be serve as a student or tutee of this great programs. Since this program is only in its beginning phase,  the only requirement to be a T.U.T.O.R. is prior knowledge and proven sufficiency in the subject you would be tutoring.

Do You feel like this when you are studying?

Are regular tutors too expensive?

Do you have a web-camera and 30 minutes?

Need Community-Service hours?

Join Operation T.U.T.O.R. today and join the fastest growing educational social network.

Improve your grades, net etiquette, and social skills by joining today. Registration takes a few moments

To get started, you will need to create a profile. Once you have set up a profile you are free to reach out to anyone you wish.
Push this button if you would like to test OoVoO out, also click button if you would like to register right now.
Operation T.U.T.O.R. Programs

Share Your Mind Inc. is currently looking for schools (college/high school/middle school) to participate in a school wide tutoring program. We are aiming to build relationships with schools that are dedicated to helping their students succeed not only now, but also in the future. Please remember that this program is free to all of its users, no matter how many students or tutors enroll with our system. We are currently working on a software system that  withstand the demands of a peer to peer network of tutors and students.

Operation T.U.T.O.R.

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T.U.T.O.R. Points

People participating in this program receive one point for every 30 minutes they accumulate. These points can be redeemed for prizes that will be named later in the future.