Share Your Mind Inc. was legally formed on June 22, 2010 by a group of students who attended Morehouse College. On the campus of Morehouse, these students would get together regularly  and participate in round table discussions about certain issues that plauged their communities. As a result, these students realized that as an organized team, they were sometimes able to formulate the answers and plans of actions to overcome some of the challenging issues they were discussing. Although these students had the knowledge and the will to help tackle these issues, they felt that the people who were in the positions of authority were not taking their concerns and solutions seriously. In a grave effort to  not only gain the attention of these people, but also bypass their need altogether, these students decided to form an official organization. Under the direction of Robert Nsiah and Dustin Thomas, these students legally formed the non profit entity you see today, Share Your MInd Incorporated. During their innaugaral meeting, the members present decided and agreed on the organization's name and mission. As a result of our mission, our organization has now grown to over one hundred twenty people in a small amount of time. Since we are still a new organization, we are still in the beginning phase. We expect to have more things to say about our beginnings in the future. If you would like to join our organization please take a second and review our site. If you like what  you see, fill out a contact form and we will get back to you with more information on how you can help us complete our mission.
Our Beginnings
Mr. Robert Nsiah - Executive Director
Appointed executive director at Share Your Mind Inc.'s first  by the members present. A native of Houston, Texas, Mr. Nsiah is currently a senior at Morehouse College and is going to graduate with a degree in Business Marketing. Upon graduation, Robert plans on continuing his education in a master's program so he can gain the essential knowledge to better serve his organization. Mr. Nsiah has served in many different  charitable organizations which has cultivated his vision and attitude in the realm of public help.



Mr. Dustin Thomas -  Marketing Director
Appointed marketing director at Share Your Mind Inc.'s first meeting. Mr. Thomas is native of New Orleans and a victim of Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Thomas is currently attending Morehouse College and plans on continuing his education upon completion. As Marketing Director of this organization, Mr. Thomas plans on implementing many different, cutting edge tactics to engage this organization's customers. As a victim of a great disaster, Mr. Thomas understands and the positive effects that a charitable organization can have on people in need. Mr. Thomas has been trained to be a leader and is committed to providing service and leadership in his communities and everyday life.
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