Share Your Mind Inc.
"Share your mind to better the world"
      Share Your MInd Incorporated is anewly formed 501C3 Non Profit Corporation! Share your mind is dedicated to finding and implementing new ways to bring education and educational materials to just about everyone in the world, especially the ones who are in need. 
      Share Your MInd Inc. will be implementing many different projects for generations to come that will help us reach our goal of a low cost, highly efficient, and universal education. We adamantly believe that education is the c there are people in the world who have the knowledge and resources to help with our mission.
The mission of this organization is to help better educate the world's communities while utilizing relationships and technology to enhance the availability and convenience of knowledge and information.

Contact Us: (404) 590-0056
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 Mail: 700 Bolton Rd. 
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At Share Your Mind Inc., our vision is to have a capable, humanitarian oriented, educated international society that can withstand the challenges of surviving in an ever changing world.

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